Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Myrtle Beach Hopes Golfers and Families Pour In During May

CondoLux recently reported on a press release that Myrtle Beach golf packages were up this summer over 40% from early 2009.

The golf director, Craig Chinn, attributed the increases to additional direct flights in and out of the Grand Strand, and to more Myrtle Beach condo rental companies and hotels oiffering golf packages as incentives to vacationers. Check out their latest press release titled, Myrtle Beach Golf Company Reports Another Record Year.

The city of Myrtle Beach is spending big advertising bucks this year. attempting to promote tourism to make up for a still slow economy and the loss of Harley Biker week during May. The new motorcycle laws implemented by the city are still causing constant sniping and critique by commenters in the local online newspaper articles and news agencies. With the new Myrtle Beach Boardwalk now open and marketing for families increased, it should be interesting to see just how much is lost by the biker restrictions overwhelmingly supported by local residents.

North Myrtle Beach is still welcoming the black bikers during Memorial Day, and along with Surfside Beach, they are soliciting the Harley bikers to overlook the controversy and stay in those locations without restrictions. Right or wrong, Myrtle Beach wants to give the month of May back to families and couples, and change the area's reputation from the oft-quoted "redneck Riviera" to a more Boca-Raton-ish upscale image. With all the much higher priced resorts that require a higher vacation rental income, this is probably a wise course of action.

May is one of the months with the most gorgeous weather of the entire year, and especially suited for golfers and young children who don't particularly care for the extreme heat and sun of full summer. It would be a good thing to see a change in the type of tourism in the Grand Strand for this important month of the year. Good luck to all concerned during the upcoming Cinco De Mayo!

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