Monday, April 19, 2010

Myrtle Beach Condos - Good News and Bad

The Sun News spoke with the President of our local Board of Realtors recently, and reported his remarks about our real estate market, and in particular, Myrtle Beach foreclosures.

Tom Maeser says there was a 72 percent in sales of condos in Myrtle Beach, but they are almost exclusively foreclosures and short-sales. (actually 25% according to Tom - I think it's probably more like 75%!)

I don't think that comes as a surprise to anyone, and I don't see the point in his he goes on to say that without those sales, regular condo sales are down lower than in 2009. Well, of course with all the foreclosures THEY are going to be the ones people buy. That's the same all over the US. My friend in Las Vegas, Diann Tonnesen, told me that her sales were booming too...and just about all foreclosures.

We've got to get through the foreclosures in order for the regular sales to begin again. So this is GREAT news! The faster they sell and get out of the way, the faster our prices will increase again and the market will return to normal.

This is also pretty amazing when you take into consideration that it's nearly impossible to finance an oceanfront condo in Myrtle Beach right now! That means there are enough buyers with CASH that it still makes a 72 percent increase in sales. Wow!

Rentals are booming with both CondoLux and Condo World for the summer. Other area businesses are doing well, also. My friend that does tree services in Myrtle Beach, Duncan McInnis, is being kept hopping. My Myrtle Beach car insurance agent, Scott Todd, is pleased with business and had a friend of his with Allstate in Conway talk to me about a website. Most all of the restaurants are doing better, and lines are actually forming already at the popular ones like TBonz and Olive Garden.

This week begins another SOS get-together, and soon the dreaded Memorial Day Bike Week will be happening (or not) They keep threatening to boycott...and we keep hoping they do...:-) Another summer in Myrtle Beach begins!