Sunday, October 25, 2009

Manufactured Home Nightmares? Where do you turn for help?

I ran across a website just now that almost made me chuckle, except for the fact that the people who made it were obviously quite serious, and it wasn't a joke. It's a situation that is presenting itself with several of the newest Myrtle Beach condo resorts that were "slapped up" during the condo boom several years ago.
What do you do when you buy a manufactured home, condo or single family housing, that is defective and shoddily built? Can you seek regress from the builder? What if the company has filed bankruptcy or gone out of business? Homeowners insurance likely will not cover it.

This guy is so frustrated with his unsatisfactory KB Home manufactured home that he has designed an elaborate website to voice his complaints. Titled "A KB Home Sucks" or, the website has a long list of his complaints, news about the company, a blog for other homeowners to add to the publicity, and all kinds of other information that should really make somebody at KB Home stand up and take notice.

Some of the complaints the homeowner mentions includes:
  • Too many construction defects in the home
  • Enormous number of repairs necessary
  • Home not built to code
  • Too many leaks
  • Continual invasion of privacy from workmen and disruption of the home required for re-construction and repairs.
  • Dampness and toxic fumes causing serious health problems
  • Only two homes built on this phase when KB Home abandoned the sub-division.
And there were many more. They provide photos to back up the claims, and an amazing number of pages and effort to showcase the home they are so displeased with. I ran across the site from the same KB Homes Suck TWITTER page, when they invited me to follow them. Pretty amazing stuff!

In this day of the internet, it is becoming harder and harder for companies to take advantage of those who purchase the products, even though many times disgruntled customers unfairly post complaints about a service provider hoping to make money or just cause trouble. In this case, it appears they want KB Home to buy the house back and allow them to move on with their life. It may end up being the best solution for all concerned. ###

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