Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Allstate is Myrtle Beach Best Car Insurance

My best friend came down to visit last week and rear-ended somebody right before she got to her hotel.  She and I both have Allstate, mine through Scott Todd in North Myrtle Beach.

She called the police, and then her agent, and was disappointed to learn that she didn't have coverage for a rental fact had told them she didn't need it because she has two cars.  Ha, that's not why you may need a rental car, is it?  Anyway, they did pay for a tow truck and recommended she take it to a local dealership for repairs, which I thought was mighty good.  I can remember dealing with State Farm many years ago and having them try to tell me to take my car to this body shop in town that was notorious for cheap work and shoddy results.

I also talked to Scott, and found out that I had neglected to add towing or a rental to my policy, which I have now added.  I am telling you that if you want to be "in good hands", you don't get any better than Myrtle Beach car insurance with Scott Todd at Allstate.

I saw in tonight's Consumer Affairs section of "What's on Your Mind" a complaint that Progressive Insurance's claim to fame customer service is not so hot.  Read the complaint HERE.  Specifically he says,
“My wife's car was hit by another vehicle and she called the police,” Otto said. “The other person was guilty and it was written in the police report. They don't care. Tomorrow is going to be a week since we called a Progressive representative and "there is nothing they can do at the moment". We left the car at the body shop because there is a noise in the front wheel but they can't even send the adjuster. They can't pay for the car rental either.”
I feel very lucky to have found Scott.  He's one of the best.  Look him up at

You know...I wonder.  Is an agent only as good as the company he represents, or is an insurance company only as good as the agent who represents them?  Any thoughts?


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