Friday, June 6, 2008

Real Estate in Myrtle Beach Picks Up

I recently received an email with some statistics put out by Certifax Appraisals, one of the most respected real estate appraisal companies in coastal North and South Carolina.

In their appraisal orders, they are reporting improved numbers and market condition in April and May, reflecting more activity, shorter time on the market, and even some price increases.
Here are some of the Myrtl Beach condos and neighborhoods they are reporting on specifically...

The Gardens at Cypress Bay- A 2 bedroom condo at this beautiful golf resort actually had a bidding war that pushed the selling price 3% higher than the price it was listed for. THAT is impressive.

Shipwatch Point II- A penthouse unit there sold 4 days after being listed, and brought 94% of the list price.

Arcadian Dunes- One of these condos sold after 45 days of listing, and brought 96% of the asking price.

Island Vista- Several of these units increased in price from $239K in 2006 to $300K during the beginning of 2008 up to April.

Laguna Keys- One of these luxurious condos sold 46 days after listing, for $499,000, or 91% of the asking price.

Market Commons- Although it's been rumored that sales at Market Commons have been very sluggish and disappointing, Certifax reports that several units have been contracted in May for prices that were 3% higher than in December.

In regular Myrtle Beach real estate, Certifax reports six or more single family homes have sold from 39-94 days after being listed, and have all gotten 93% or better of the listing price, along with some price increases since 2005.

This is promising news for the market along the Grand Strand, and hopefully we'll see more of it!

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