Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk Becomes a Reality

Ocean City-What Myrtle Beach Boardwalk will resemble

WOW! New Myrtle Beach Boardwalk Sounds Fantastic!

Myrtle Beach is soon going to have a boardwalk to rival the famous ones up north and make this place a showcase of fun for the downtown tourists.

The new Boardwalk is going to run along the dune line from 2nd Ave Pier (south) to Pier 14 at 15th Ave North. At more than a mile long, that is more than anyone could have hoped for! There is a "boardwalk" of sorts in the pavilion area now, which will be changed to wood, I assume. They are supposed to begin with the stretch from 14th Ave North to about 11th Ave North (Mr. Joe White Ave. Then they will redo the central area with all the stores and bars to a much wider and busier boardwalk. To quote the official website,
"This section adjoins beachfront store and shots and invokes a carnival and nostalgia atmosphere with its sights, sounds and energy,"
The third part, called the South Promenade, will stretch from Eight Ave North to the 2nd Ave South Pier. It will be very peaceful and quiet with benches and natural landscaping.
Sounds like heaven!

I spent some time in Miami and Boca Raton several years ago, looking at the Florida oceanfront real estate market and trying to decide if I could move down there and work enough to make ends meet. The one thing I noticed in all the nicer areas was that there were so many restaurants and parks along the beach. Each city had its own kind of "boardwalk", whether it was a cement sidewalk or wooden. And it was such a pleasure to dine outside right on the beach edge. Other than a very few oceanfront restaurants like the Sea Captain's House, we really don't have that. And the ones that we have are mostly inside dining. That pretty much spoils the effect.

So if we end up with a mile of public area with restaurants and boutiques along it, this will really dress up Myrtle Beach and make it into more of a classy resort area. Hopefully we can one day shed that "Redneck Riviera" tag.

City Council is having ongoing meetings to decide on what will and won't be allowed along the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. So far they have pretty much decided that they will have sidewalk cafes, and bicycles, and it will be a pet friendly accommodation with some restrictions. They say there will be no skateboards, skating, or rollerblading. The vending cart question is up in the air...with the bars and stores that already exist adamantly against it. Some say they don't want the carnival atmosphere. Others say that is exactly what they DO want.

In the middle of all of this, there is the 3-4 block span where the Pavilion rides used to be. It's now leveled and ready for Burroughs and Chapin or someone to build condos with access to the Boardwalk.

For a look at the renderings and to see news as it comes up on condos or hotels along the Boardwalk, see our page about Myrtle Beach Boardwalk Condos. We'll try to keep it updated about anything new in stores, restaurants, or Myrtle Beach hotels on the Boardwalk.

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