Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Myrtle Beach Vacations Are Year Round

You might think that nobody comes to Myrtle Beach in the wintertime, but if you haven't spent Christmas or New Years in our sparkling city, you don't know what you're missing.

Yes, it can get chilly by Christmastime.  There are days that don't get out of the 50's, and some nights in the 20's.  By that same token, we've had several days this past week in the mid-70's, whether it's December or February..

Our streets, stores, and hotels are decorated to the hilt with beautiful lights and Christmas trees. The restaurants are all still open, and guess what?  NO CROWDS! You don't have an hour wait to eat in the winter. The beautiful North Myrtle Beach resorts like Avista and Prince Resort have heated pools and offer the same stunning views of the ocean as they do in the summer.

Our live shows are all great at Christmas. Celebrate New Years like you've never seen it at Broadway at the Beach. Valentine's day is soooo romantic in Myrtle Beach. You can still get a heck of a suntan on those warm days, too!

Winter rates are super low and you might just have the best vacation you've ever thought about during the off-season in Myrtle Beach. Give it a try...it's so cheap you've got nothing to lose but a few days away from the snow and ice! Hey...we forgot to mention that way more hotels in Myrtle Beach allow pets in the off-season!