Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why Do Real Estate Careers End?

By Greg Harrelson
The business of selling real estate is not as easy as most would prefer yet is doesn't have to be as difficult as most people make it. Many realtors get in this business with the anticipation of making a lot of money and love the idea that this career offers total freedom over one's schedule.  Where else can you come to work whenever you want and do whatever you want with no boss looking over your shoulder?

I am the first to admit that I love my job. I enjoy coming to work each day and accepting the challenges that confront me. I enjoy helping the community make the right financial decisions with their investments, and I enjoy helping real estate agents build careers that are fulfilling and profitable.

So, why do agents fail?

One of the biggest challenges that leads to failure is having unrealistic expectations. The following is a list of unrealistic expectations that are common amongst agents that fail and agents that fail to reach their goals.

1. Agents have unrealistic expectations of how much effort they must put into their career. Any career that offers unlimited income potential will attract a lot of competition, and therefore require a lot of effort to realize a worthwhile goal. More effort doesn't always mean you have to work harder.  Often, working smarter will do.

2. Agents have unrealistic goals of how much planning they must do. Like any other business, having and using a business plan is critical. You cannot navigate though this career without a well thought-out plan. Plan your activities, plan your time and most importantly...plan your time OFF.

3. Agents have unrealistic expectations of how much coaching and guidance they will get. Too many agents expect that the industry will give them all the coaching they will ever need. Training and coaching is the agent's responsibilty. The agents who are coached are the agents that create successful careers. Request more coaching from your companies and they will likely respond. All great producers are guided by mentors and/or coaches.

4. Agents have unrealistic expectations of how much time it will take to reach their goals. So many agents want or need success overnight. In real estate, like other careers, great results don't appear so quickly. Success comes after the agents have written a business plan and then worked that plan for a period of time. A successful career is a planned career. We have to understand that success ALWAYS takes longer than we thought.

As you can see, you control your success. Don't let the above expectations lead you to disappointment in a career that offers so much opportunity. There is business taking place all around us and it is your turn to grab those opportunities and realize the success you have always wanted. Focus on increasing your efforts, plan your path, seek a mentor and understand that it will take a little more time.

*About the author: Greg Harrelson is the president of Century 21 The Harrelson Group, a Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agency, and a real estate career coach.