Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Donald Trump Blogs Real Estate Now!

I found a marvelous blog tonight that I promptly subscribed to in my email.

What is it? No other than Donald Trump himself!

One of his websites, offers The Trump Blog.

As always, when I run across one of the Donald's websites, it makes me positively TWITCH to get ahold of it and apply some SEO magic. The man is gold, and just hasn't gotten the hang of using the search engines to further line his pockets.

The Trump U is no exception. His title reflects the phrase Trump University - Online Real Estate & Business Course.

When you look in Google for "online business course" he should be right at the top. Who is better than Donald Trump? But no, he's not there, and the site itself is a hefty PR5.

For those who don't know Google-speak, I won't go into details about the PR5 comment. Suffice it to say he ought to own every keyword phrase about investment and real estate that exists.

Ah...the man absolutely fascinates me.

Anyway, he posted on his blog...can you imagine Donald Trump blogging? I love it! He posted on his blog a nice uplifting post about now being the time to buy real estate. This was very similar sentiment to his interview last year with Larry King, in fact.

Donald says that it's no surprise that the majority of Americans say they do NOT plan to buy a home anytime soon, and that more of a quarter million homeowners worry that their home will lose value over the next few years. One in seven, he says, are afraid they won't be able to meet their mortgage in the next six months. Foreclosure is on everyone's mind these days.

However, he advises, if you are one of the lucky ones who are looking to BUY, you could hardly be in a better position. He says to shop around, make an offer, and the chances are that any good deal will be accepted and with decent credit you can get a mortgage.

He ends with saying he thinks the housing market is going to get better, and fairly quickly. When the market is in a slump, he advises, that is when you should buy, and buy NOW.

Cute as can be, he ends with,

"But that's just my opinion. After all, what does Donald Trump know about real estate!"

What, indeed? :-) Find me, Donald. You're the king of real estate and I know real estate search engine optimization better than anything. We're a billion dollar team!

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