Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kids on the Beach - If You Get Separated

What to do if you lose a kid or two...

Our local television station WBTW had an excellent article on what to do if you are separated from your kids in Myrtle Beach, and some tips to prepare and prevent such an event from becoming traumatic. We have expanded on these tips and included theirs as well. Visit their page for more, and a video to illustrate. Meanwhile, below are the best things to do if your kids get separated from you on the vast sandy beach we call the Grand Strand.

1. Upon arriving, tell your kids the name of the hotel until they can remember it and quote it back to you.

2. Point out landmarks near your hotel on the beach entrance. Maybe there is a sign, a colorful chair or umbrella, or some other object they can look for.

3. Show them the lifeguards and tell them to go to a lifeguard first if they get lost.

4. Show them the trucks that you see on the beach, which are city trucks. Tell them these are people they can safely approach for help.

5. Take them to the front desk of the hotel and introduce them to the staff, to show the kids these are people who will help.

6. Don't drink alcohol on the beach which could make you get sleepy and doze off while the kids are playing in the sand.

7. Tell them if they are approached by any stranger to run straight to you and never to let a stranger touch them.

Kids love the beach, the sand, and the ocean. But they need constant and vigilant supervision while you are here on your Myrtle Beach vacation. If you have small children you might want to choose more of a kid-friendly hotel - with lots of pools, lazy rivers, and things to do that will attract them even more. Some great places to choose are Baywatch Resort in North Myrtle Beach, and the Sands Resort or Anderson Ocean Club in Myrtle Beach. Ask us about other ideas on kid-friendly condos and hotels for pets before you come down!

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