Sunday, October 27, 2013

Real Estate Drip Campaigns

"One size fits all" VS "Content on Demand" on Newsletters

One thing I have seen working with real estate agents and their customers - if they don't deliver value in a website or with their correspondence, the customers tune them out...or worse...they opt out of the correspondence.

The problem in the industry is that most agents deliver what they think the consumer wants instead of what the consumer tells them that they want.

This probably seems obvious but it is not as easy as it sounds.

There are two things that you will need in order to deliver what the consumer wants, when they want it:

1. You need original content that has value. Think about what you would want to know and then create that content.

2. You need an intelligent CRM that can monitor click patterns and the send the appropriate message at the appropriate time. Be careful when choosing a CRM because they will all claim to be the best. I have seen Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and Results Mails. They have all been great for delivering drip campaigns but there is nothing intelligent about them. The emails may get delivered and read, yet the next email is pre-determined instead of being determined by the prospect's click patterns.

We call this "Content on Demand" versus "One size fits all."

How does it work?

The only way I have seen it work is by using a system called Infusionsoft. This program is more than a CRM because it allows you to send emails based on what your prospect is clicking on. Your drip campaigns become intelligent correspondences instead of cookie-cutter emails.

For Example:
You send an email to your database and you include a few links for them to watch a video. You may have one video link about short sales and another link to a video about buying investment properties. If someone clicked on the short sale video then you wouldn't want to send them information about properties for sale. You would want to send them information about the short sale process. And, for the person that watched the investment video, you would want to send the information about properties for sale. Infusionsoft can automate this entire process. This is Content on Demand!

At first, you may think this is difficult. For many real estate agents, it is much easier to send the old drip email campaign. The problem is that more people are opting out of your emails and you are losing your audience. Your database is valuable and you cannot afford to lose it. In addition, many of the IDX website companies are now writing in this program with their own editors. Ask about it! 

An article like this can only briefly describe what this new technology can do for real estate agents. If you understand what you are reading then you probably want to see this in action. Also, if you get Infusionsoft through Greg Harrelson's website, all of the emails are designed for you and available for free. It will save you hours of time trying to write the most effective communications for your customers as well.  I recommend you check out the Infusionsoft Demo and see how it can help your sales! 

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