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Real Estate Database Marketing – Infusionsoft

Real estate agents all over the country are talking about databases and how to use a lead management / automatic email system called Infusionsoft to turn leads into commissions. Because he has been using newsletters and database emails for many years, Greg Harrelson has offered to share with you three mistakes that real estate agents make in their email marketing, as well as three tips to assure success.

Infusionsoft takes your database and automatically communicates with potential clients at regular set intervals. If you have leads that get lost, or past leads that may still be interested, this powerful software can be a lifesaver.

Visit this webpage for a free Infusionsoft DEMO and see just what a difference it can make in your sales.

Infusionsoft Lead Management Software

Let’s get started with emailing tips from Greg……

Infusionsoft Mistakes:

  1. Irrelevant message – Stop sending "Who cares" emails to your audience. If you would read it, then send it… If you wouldn’t, then stop sending it. Before you send your next email to your database, send it to a friend first and ask them if the email helped them in any way. If it didn’t, do not send it.
  2. Message is too long - People are busy and they are checking their emails on their smart phones. Too many agents are writing novels for emails, and people cannot read them on the go. 
  3. Too many emails – I will stop listening to anyone who keeps talking everyday. Too much noise and your audience will tune you out. That's why Infusionsoft is so useful - it keeps track of the time intervals so you communicate consistently but not too often.

Infusionsoft Success Tips:

  1. Use Tags to customize your message – Add a tag to every person you put into your database. Tags are a great way to segment your database. Proper segmentation allows you to offer custom content. Condo investors are not interested in single family residences, and someone with 4 kids looking for a home isn't interested in a one bedroom oceanfront condo.
  2. Create multiple databases – By having multiple databases, you can send information that is better for buyers of homes versus sellers of homes. As an example, you can have a Seller Lead Database and a Buyer Lead Database. As you can imagine, these two databases will be interested in a totally different message.
  3. Listen to what they are NOT saying – After you send an email to your database, monitor how many times they are clicking on your automation links. If you notice they are reading additional information on short sales, than consider they are interested in more of that information. If they are NOT reading additional information on short sales then don’t send anything else on that subject. Your database will tell you what they want if you will listen to what they are NOT saying.

Warning: Real estate agents need to consider their audience before sending out mass emails. We are hearing success stories all over the real estate industry. But, for every success story, we hear nightmare stories also. After listening to both the good and the bad, we have determined that the content makes all the difference.

If you are an Infusionsoft user or decide you want to be, than we hope these tips will save you some time and make you some money. If you are not a current user then maybe you should take the Infusionsoft DEMO to see if this application will fit you needs. If you haven’t stepped up to this robust program, then maybe these tips will work for your current CRM. If you have questions, feel free to call me at 843-457-7816 and I'll try to answer them!

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